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Plastic Fences and railing - only with us!


Ogrodzenia plastikowe

Plastic Fences - modern fences


Our company has many years experience in promoting on our market modern fencing systems made of plastic.





They have many advantages over the wooden fence. Namely:


  • Are resistant to atmospheric
  • No need to paint, and it?s "life" is many times greater than traditional fences
  • Are highly resistant to damage, they can not be eaten by bark beetles, do not rot,they are strong
  • Are flexible - it is very difficult to break such a rail
  • Do not bend under the pressure of the wind, they dont break
  • Very good noise isolation - recommended for homes on the street
  • Easy to install - even inexperienced person can mount a proper fence



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Why then plastic railings?  

According to a recent study plastic fences are gaining more and more popularity among assemblers, or retrofit their fences. Easy to installation. They are made 100% of plastic.


With many advantages plastic rails (PVC), in principle don't have competition today.


Photos of railings and their prices can be found in section Prices PCV.


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