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EverWood-PCV boards

Rails made of full plastic
System Ever Wood

If You looking for rails made of full plastic, PCV boards are ideal. Strong, stable in 100% made of plastic. (they aren't composite boards). EverWooD elements are simmilar to wooden elements.They can be processed by the same method and tools such as wooden rails.


So why You should change wood for Everwood?

In the opposite to wood board, wchich you must systematically impregnate, Everwood rails don't need using toxic preservative. They are easy to keep in clean and safe for enviroment. This product is fully recyclabe. Everwood  rails are a boards for long time using.

Using for EverWooD:

  • terrace
  • railhands
  • railings
  • park elements
  • fences
  • archway
  • gate
  • garden furniture
    • arbour
    • bench
    • tables
    • pergola
    • flower pots
  • bridge



More information about  Ever Wood You can find in Fencing section!!!


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