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Price list of plastic products

               Price lists of our products.

All fance systems witch we offer are on order. Delivery time is 3-4 weeks. The price don't include transport service. Transport is realized by curier service or it' s possibe to take away personally.

We offer: Plastic Fances on order and ready.PCV fance are made of plastic rails, witch you don't need paint!!

Plastic rails and balcony railing are very permanent. Fances witch we offer are very easy and quick in instalation.

It makes You can be sure that your fance will be permanet, functional and what is very important it will be look beautiful.
All rails on fances are made od high quality materials, what makes that they are very resistant of weather conditions ! We are in Poznaniu on the street Morasko 17, if You looking for Fances Poznań, you find a right place :)


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